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Saturday, July 12, 2008

- Latihan Asas Perniagaan ( LAP 9) -

It has been a while from my last update.. been busy with kids and tempahan manik :)

Last week, I attended a short course, "Latihan Asas Perniagaan" from 6 -11 July at Seri Intan Port Dickson. The course was organized by Kementerian Pembangunan Keusahawanan & Koperasi (MeCD/INSKEN) and suported by MARA. It's is a good course for a person who plan to start a business and would like to be an enterpreneur in the future.

You can get a lot of information on how to start a business, which government body will help you develop your business and where to get the grant or loan for your business. The module is also quite compact and interesting. Also when you attended this course you filled so motivated to be an enterpreneur.The participant have a chance to practise what have you learned in class when the instructor form a few group for the participant to do a site survey & presented the potential business in a certain area to the class. I learned a lot of experience during the site survey when you have to face the related government bodies to get some information. To be truth, it was hard dealling with them. Our instructor said, it is part of the problem when you start your own business.

However, I enjoyed meeting with a new people with a different age & background and I had a lot of sweet memories during this course.

I suggest for the people who would like to be an enterpreneur to attend this course by MeCD. The course fee is only RM 250 including the hotel stay and 6x meals a day... it's cheap compared with the private course.

As muslim knows :

"9/10 daripada rezeki, Allah swt turunkan dalam dunia perniagaan"


"Berniaga adalah satu fardhu kifayah"

And to whom is already in the business, not to forget to pay the " ZAKAT" so that your business is bless by Allah swt and may your business will GROW and GROW and GROW.

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